Hello world!

11 06 2009

This is my first blog and my first post in this blog – it is an extention of my website http://www.artistphoto.de and I will post here some news, pictures and comments – several you might find on my website, others only here.

My photographic themes are people / the human beeing – about 95% of all my pics.

Just write me, if you are intersted in shootings or when you need a photographer for an cultural or sports event, wedding, sedcard, congress, family pics, good action shots, physique photography or portraits!

Have fun and come back if you like it and you are curious about news.

All the best,


PS: Ich schreibe hier viel auf englisch, da ich auch international als Fotoreporter tätig bin – wenn ihr mehr Informationen zu mir wollt oder Kontakt aufnehmen, seht auf meiner Homepage nach:

http://www.artisthoto.de – oder – http://www.cundc-foto.de